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Charlotte Green was born into a middle class family in 1921. She enjoyed a stable upbringing and successful schooling. But on her nineteenth birthday something happened which changed her life profoundly.

At the novel's heart is a deep and enduring love story set against the background of a war ravaged Britain but within are glances at abortion, childbirth, miscarriage and suicide.

Examined in depth are family love and support, but above all, how a young intelligent and articulate girl sets about restoring her shattered reputation in a close and conservative community. One by one the building blocks are put into place, her growing strength of character and stature are real and believable and Charlotte emerges as one of the notable women of her generation.

Along the way her accomplished and inspirational man, spying for the secret services, goes missing after the first few chapters, but is ever present in the context of Charlotte's activity.

There are many changes of pace and false dawns and even the most seasoned of readers will need tissues at hand during some of the novel's highlights.

The epilogue reveals, some sixty years after the end of the story, something of what Charlotte made of her life.

"When Charlotte opens 'the box' I defy you not to cry" Swan Mitchell, Editor

"...for three days I couldn't put it down...then I cried...it's awesome.." Lyn, The Bell, Lower Heyford

"...poignant...a fabulous book..." Oxfordshire Preview

"...spellbinding...a real triumph..." John May, Berkshire

"...absorbing..." N Savage, Aynho

"...a wonderful read..." Tara Murray, London